How to Help

There are many ways for you to help get Baseball in Zambia off the ground. As this has grown quite unexpectedly, the biggest obstacle we are facing right now is equipment. We've compiled a list of items that we need in order to continue growing the sport here, as well as be organized to begin games and tournaments.

  • Baseball Gloves - mix of kids, adult, and some right hand gloves for southpaws
  • Baseballs
  • Soft Core Baseballs for little league games
  • Softballs
  • Bats (all sizes)
  • Bases
  • Catcher's Gear - pads, facemask
  • Batting helmets - Kids and Adult
  • Umpire Clickers
  • Umpire Gear - Facemask and Padding)

We will take any and all working equipment - new, used, second-hand. If you have an old glove lying around, or like to shop thrift stores, any glove that will still work in catching a ball will greatly help us out. We would ask that any broken equipment be repaired before sending, or left out, as there is a cost for each piece of equpiment that is shipped over.

You can see what has been donated already by checking our updated donation list to see what has already come in.

Shop Online

Here are a few links for those who prefer to shop online. You can ship any equipment to the mailing address listed at the bottom of this page.


We've also setup a Paypal Account to help offset the expenses of getting equipment to Zambia. 

Starter Kit

Equipment Inventory - Imgur copy.jpg

Our goal is to form a few teams from the different compounds and communities in our surrounding area. We are hoping to compile a kit of equipment for each of these communities. Our intital goal would be 10 of these kits. If you'd be interested in providing all or part of one of these kits, here is what is entailed.

  • 3 Bats (small, medium and large zie)
  • 20 Baseballs
  • 5 Soft-Core Balls
  • 3 Bases, a Home Plate, & a Picthers Mound
  • 1 Set of catchers gear - pads, face mask, glove
  • 20 gloves
  • 5 helmets


To most effectively get the equipment to Zambia, we have worked with a number of partners to serve as drop-off centers for any donated equipment. You can either physically drop-off the equipment during the hours listed, or mail it to the mailing adress listed below. A number of donors have offered to help cover the associated costs.

After you drop off/mail items, please update the donation spreadsheet so others can see what has already been donated.

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Waves Of Faith 3229 N Elm St Fort Worth, TX 76106 (682) 231-1220

Madison, WI

Blend Marketing
2821 Dairy Drive Madison, WI 53718
715-642-5001 Hours: M-F 9:00 am - 4:00 pm